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  • ST-4806 Stripping Machine

    Made in�Taiwan, ROC


    • machine size: 525*186*218mm

    Technical Data:

    • Model: ST-4806
    • Type Of Wire: Coaxial cable
    • Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ
    • Stripping Length: 0.1mm�48mm
    • Stripping length setting unit: 0.01mm
    • Cable Outer Diameter: Ã�¦0.2mm�Ã�¦6.99mm
    • Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm
    • Stripping Steps: 9 floors
    • Productivity: 500-700pcs/h
    • Display method: Touch screen
    • Display Interface: Liquid crystal 138X86
    • Maximum power: 300W
    • Drive: Move the ball screw drive
    • L x W x H: 525Ã��186Ã��278mm
    • Weight: 19kg
    • Tool Material: Tungsten steel
    • Working environment: 0-45 degrees
    • Setclip wire-bound: Self-aligning motor drive

    Key Features:

    • ST-4806 Semi-automatic stripping machine is used for processing a single coaxial wire and wire rod. It has the latest electronic design, simple operation platform, precision mechanical stability and excellent peeling quality. Machine has multiple sets of data storage function, can switch at any time, will greatly enhance your productivity
ST-4806同軸波線機是採用採用日本NSK滾珠軸承,絲桿驅動,更換刀具不須重新校正刀片,操作簡單易懂,适用于通讯行业各类柔性及半柔同轴线、汽车线、医疗线等剥皮,剥口整齐,精密不伤导体;人机界面,最多可剥皮9层,可储蓄99种加工参数,具体顶杆、按钮、脚踏等三种启动方式适用于通讯行业各类柔性及半柔同轴线、汽车线、医疗线等剥皮,剥口整齐 , 技術參數說明 型號 ST-4806 顯示方式: 觸摸屏 適用線材:同軸線纜 顯示介面 中文液晶138X86 工作電源 110V/220V 最大功率 300W 剝皮長度: 0.1mm—48mm 驅動方式 滾珠絲桿驅動 剝皮長度設定單位:0.01mm 外形尺寸: 525×186×278mm 切割線徑範圍: Φ0.81mm—Φ6.99mm 重 量: 19kg 切割深度設定單位: 0.01mm 刀具材質: 進口鎢鋼 最大剝皮段數: 9層 工作環境 0-45度 生產率: 500-700pcs/h 夾線裝置 自動調心電機驅動
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